Just about done with the OVERHAUL

After a few weeks of rebranding, came another few weeks of rebuilding all our sites. We hope that you enjoy them. All of our relevant sites have been completely “RENOVATED”, pun intended. In addition to updating our current popular sites, Reel Ten, Renovate & Relocate and Severe Incident, we also gave life to a long lost IP called Krystal Peak. There isn’t much there but check it out at Of course, our new template has already been applied to our latest IOS and Android IP. We aren’t giving any more details out at this time. Found out what it is? Tweet Olivia and send a message via our Facebook. We’re going to be giving away free sticker packs to those who send us there clues! It will Feature Sticker from Renovate & Relocate Miami, Boston, Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 and of course some from the our latest Free to Play (F2P) title for mobile applications. IOS and Android phones and tablets is a fun, new, exciting platform for us. We hope you’re there on our launch! 5/16/2014

Our New Look

Reel Ten is prowd to introduce you to our new look and total rebranding as we make the tranistion from PC/MAC game development to IOS, Android, and Social game developmement. All of our games from here on will be developed in the Free-To Play format(F2P). Everyone will be able to play anytime anywhere and with the ever expanding mobile market we hope to break our 400,000 download record for a single game. We're working on an exciting new tittle that everyone can enjoy. Of course, we will continue to support our current games and maybe there's a place for Renovate & Relocate in the mobile market. But for now, we hope you like our new look and you continue to support our fun games in the future by downloading them, for free! 4/14/2014

The Next Game

Reel Ten is currently working on a new IOS/Android game that everyone can enjoy for 2 minutes or 5 hours. We're very excited to working on this fun new tittle and we can't wait to tell everyone about it, but we're keeping this one under wraps! This is a TOP SECRET project. We will be posting updates every few months here on our website via "Olivia" on our social media pages. We are currently looking at a 2015 release. 4/10/2014

Project NYTRO(canceled)

This is always hard to do, but we've been here before! This time we have to pull the cord. After months of work on Project Nytro, it failed to gain the support that we're looking for. As much as we wanted to make this game, a decision was made. This game has a demographic that is just too small and as a potential to be our first IOS/Android tittle, we felt that a game that had a wider appeal would be more appropriate. Although it's canceled, maybe it's something promissing for a future tittle. 4/01/2014

Featured Game

Renovate and Relocate

Take a look at Renovate & Relocate: Miami, our latestt game to be published. At just $6.99, it's a great deal, featuring hours of fun interactive game-play. If you like hidden object games and doing a little home renovations than this is right up your alley. Click heare for more info..


Social Media


As a tribute to"Olivia" from our Renovate & Relocate series, we have designated Olivia as our official spokes-woman for Reel Ten. Olivia is in charge of our social media. Like Us, Follow us and say hello once in a while. We love to hear from you.



05/16/14 OVERHAUL
04/14/14 The New Look
04/10/14 The Next Game
04/01/14 Project Nytro

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